Appy Lab offers to its customers an wide technical equipment for the creation of customized 3D objects. The design workshop provides consulting, scanning and 3D printing services aimed at the production of digital models with high precision results. The printers supplied allow to produce physical models from 3D designs very quickly. You can upload (link to the upload page), directly from the site, files with 3D designs to be printed.

Appy Lab offers to customers the graphic and design skills of its designers. The creative workshop follows and develops individual design projects from concept to completion, making available all the knowledge and technical equipment relative to prototyping and 3D, UV and laser printing. Appy Lab studies exclusive and customized solutions, allowing to privates or companies to turn, with promptness and efficiency, innovative ideas into successful products.

Appy Lab offers the ability to print directly on a variety of materials: plastic, very used to cover and cases, wood, stone, ceramic, clay, glass, metal, plexiglass, and even on softer materials such as leather, faux leather, leather and tissues. Ideal solution for producers of gadget business, artistically valuable and customized items of all kinds. The laboratory carries out cutting and rasterization laser on various types of supports upon customer request.

The marketing consulting activity starts from the idea of making a series of coordinated activities that can make a company more productive and competitive in the digital world. Appy Lab implements a careful and detailed market analysis and defines a strategic planning for companies, useful tools to quickly reach business goals. The business consulting embraces the different fields of marketing, from traditional marketing to web marketing, from digital to social media marketing, with the common goal of creating a successful brand and of promoting corporate image, acquiring new contacts and expanding the reference sectoral market.

Appy Lab offers online visibility solutions, giving services such as business communication, web marketing consulting, social media marketing, web 2.0 projects, SEO and SEM strategies. Consolidate the brand and corporate reputation on the web, increase sales and retain customers: these are the digital marketing objectives. All proposals are designed and tailored for small businesses that wish to attend online or large enterprises that want to launch a new line of networking products.

Appy Lab provides mobile-oriented solutions by developing responsive websites, e-commerce and mobile applications. Appy Lab intends to offer to the customer accessible web tools but highly recognizable for their originality and style. The projects are thought to be enjoyed on smartphones and tablet devices, in order to reach new users and provide additional services.

To strategic integration of 3D printing and marketing activities, Appy Lab also offers media and public relations services. Appy Lab supports companies in their communication choices and studies customized solutions, offering services that give value to their identity and improve their communicative effectiveness. In particular they are taken care of relations with the press and the media through the writing of press releases and editorials, press conferences and events and contents optimization.

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